ESex and the body. Ethnologische Perspektiven zu Sexualität, Körper und Geschlecht

Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag 2005
154 pp., Euro 16,-; ISBN 3-89942-282-1

Sex and the body. Anthropological perspectives on sexuality, the body, and gender
These papers are based on a series of lectures at the University of Muenster, Germany in 2004, organized by the Department of Anthropology for a wider audience. The aim was to present and theoretically discuss cultural variations of dealing with sexuality - how sexuality is embedded, sanctioned, explained, and valued in various cultures.

Keywords: sexuality and culture, culture and sexuality, body and gender, gender and body, anthropology of sex, circumcision, Islam and sex, Wampar sexuality, love among Wampar, marriage among Wampar, adolescenct sexuality, sex and childhood, Kamasutra, logic of Kamasutra, contexts of Kamasutra, social control and Islam, negotiating sexuality, free sex, Kalatesa, Dawa