Ethnologie. Ein Führer zu populären Medien

Berlin: Reimer Verlag 2005
312 pp., Euro 22.90; ISBN 3-496-02782-7

Anthropology. A guide to popular media
The first 60 pages of the book introduce the topic: public anthropology, popularization of anthropology, popularisators, media and genres, topics of popularization: exotism, extremes, estistential questions. Then there is a chapter by Michael Schönhuth about authenticity and performance, discussing German-language popular anthropological literature. The guide to popular media itself (an annotated bibliography) starts with a chapter on literature about popular anthropology (public controversies, websites, early exhibitions...), and the next chapter, "Media and anthropology", is a bibliography with titles discussing the genre of popular anthropology. The next part starts with various genres of popular anthropological content (such as novels, lexicons, popular introductions, journals, etc.), followed by 61 topical headings listing publications (such as work, endangered peoples, death, culture, human evolution, school, voodoo, wilderness...). In this way, the table of contents is a kind of variegated and structured index itself. The last part of the book is geographically ordered according to continents, or areas.

Keywords: popular anthropology, anthropological literature, media and anthropology, guide book anthropology