Recht und Entwicklung zwischen Forschung und Entwicklungspraxis.
Entwicklungsethnologie 14.2005:39-60

##Law and development between research and development practice
The contribution discusses the problematic relationships between law and development processes, in particular the question whether law can be used as an instrument to engineer social, economic or political change. In the new law and development wave that began in the 1990s earlier research and the lessons of failed projects are still largely neglected. But more recently the complexities and dilemmas of plural legal orders are increasingly taken into account in the planning and implementation of some development programmes of the German Technical Assistance (GTZ). The contribution further deals with the opportunities for a closer cooperation between researchers and development practitioners. Understanding the different conditions and constraints under which researchers and development practitioners have to work is an important precondition for improving cooperation.##

Keywords: plural legal orders, legal orders, German Technical Assistance, development, research and development