6007 -- BENDER, CORA et al. (Eds.)

Ding Bild Wissen. Ergebnisse und Perspektiven nordamerikanistischer Forschung in Frankfurt a.M.
Studien zur Kulturkunde 124
Köln: Köppe Verlag 2005
278 pp., Euro 29.80; ISBN 3-89645-219-3

##Thing image knowledge. Results and perspectives of North America research at Frankfurt/M.
This volume has been prepared as a farewell for Christian F. Feest who left the Frankfurt Museum and the Frobenius-Institute for Vienna.

Keywords: Americans (native), Indians (American), museology, Feest, C.F., powwow, Nez Perce, Geronimo, Clastres, P., Huichol, elites, colonialism, Beuys, J., Haida, Krause, A., masks, dance, Asch, Baron v., Gachet, A.-M.