6008 -- BINDER, JANA

Globality. Eine Ethnographie über Backpacker
(Forum Europäische Ethnologie 7)
Münster: Lit Verlag 2005
243 pp., Euro 29.90; ISBN 3-8258-8686-7

Globality. An ethnography of backpackers
Binder reflects on and discusses research on traveling, tourism etc. in depth and in detail ≠ whether it is ículture in the process of movement´, how to travel and do research at the same time, the traveling-researching anthropologist, the role of being a tourist, research on travel in social and cultural anthropology, and what is done in the respective disciplines regarding this object of study. Questions posed by the author were: what are the functions of backpacking for the actors; can backpacking be assessed with existing theories of tourism; what kinds of blueprints for personal identity are produced by backpacking; is there a dialectical relation of these backpacking-identity blueprints with any discourses; how and in what form are these identity blueprints constructed and mediate; etc. Binder interviewed, participant-observed, and travelled with 30 backpackers and she concludes that backpackers produce representations of their journeys that are meant to prove their ability to inscribe themselves in globalization processes.

Keywords: backpackers, identity of backpackers, travel purposes, globalization and travel, tourism research