Meditationen. Zur Kritik der scholastischen Vernunft. Aus d. Französischen v. Achim Russer
(Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Wissenschaft 1695)
Frankfurt/M.: Suhrkamp Verlag 2001
335 pp., Euro 13,-; ISBN 3-518-29295-1

Meditations. On the critique of scholastic reason. Transl.from French by A. Russer
Bourdieu reflects on basic themes of Occidental thought: the image of man, scientific disciplines relating to man, preconditions of art work, and philosophical reflexion#. By considering implicit premises of all thinking he generates a negative philosophy which asks for validity preconditions (Geltungsvoraussetzungen) of the central categories of Occidental thought - the claim for truth and subject-object differentiations. The final thesis is following Pascal that true philosophy mocks philosophy. Thus Bourdieu discusses the radicalization of radical doubt, scholastic epistemocentrism, the ambivalence of reason, moralism as egotistic universalism, violence and the law, physical coercion, symbolical power, symbolical capital, etc. These topics follow the general headings of: forms of scholastic error, historical foundations of reason, corporeal cognition, symbolic violence and political fighting, and finally, social being, time, and meaning of existence.

Keywords: Occidental thought, image of man, philosophy and anthropology, scholastic epistemocentrism, subject and object, object and subject, ontology, epistemology