Ethnisch-separatistische Konflikte in Kanada, Spanien und Sri Lanka. Möglichkeiten und Grenzen institutioneller Konfliktregelungen
(Kieler Schriften zur politischen Wissenschaft 15)
Frankfurt/M.: Lang Verlag 2005
376 pp., Euro 56.50; ISBN 3-631-54069-8

Ethnic-separatist conflicts in Canada, Spain, and Sri Lanka. Possibilities and limits of institutional conflict management Eichhorst develops general and specific guidance for action for peacefully settling ethnic conflict, which is the most frequent cause of armed clashes worldwide. In comparing three case studies Eichhorst analyzes their internal functioning and identifies factors which to a greater degree contribute to high conflict intensity. Identification and analysis of these factors make conclusions regarding the possibilities of non-violent conflict management possible. Considering the wide range of factors of influence there may be limits to institutional conflict settlement, however. For the Canadian ethnic conflict of Quebec Eichhorst discusses the history the British-French conflict, but mainly developments since 1960 institutionalization, electoral system, and action and effects of the political elite, conflict intensity, etc. For Spain the Basque region conflict is discussed: conflict structure, institutions, political elite, intensity, and the Sri Lankan conflict (Tamil Eelam) follows the same order. The conclusion compares these factors and offers options for action.

Keywords: conflict settlement, solving conflict, comparing conflicts, violence settlement, ethnic conflict solutions