Mythos Netz. Kommunikation jenseits von Raum und Zeit?

Zürich: Rotpunkt Verlag 2005
302 pp., Euro 22,-; ISBN 3-85869-4

The web myth. Communication beyond space and time?
The (worldwide) web and networks in general is a frequently used image, and much importance is attributed to it. The net, or network, is a general explication for many to comprehend many things, if not the whole world. But, according to the author, net(work) enthusiasm generates an illusionary image of a worldwide unification which not only ignores real gaps and oppositions separating mankind but which also paralyzes forces trying to overcome this separation. The net(work) utopia believes networks to transcend time and space and become the ’true´ home of the future in the face of cities dissolving in chaos, and Fischbach compares the net myth to programmatic endeavors like futurism and shows that such programs will fail because technology is always realized and manifested in time and space ­ it is not in a position to transcend it but only restructures it. The author´s prognosis: spatial and social oppositions will not ­ as network protagonists proclaim ­ disappear and amalgamate the net and the market, but will, quite the reverse, become greater.

Keywords: worldwide web, internet, networks and politics, globalization and networks, market and net, utopia of network, neoclassical economy, economy and futurism, cyberspace, internet