Ästhetische Orte und Zeichen. Wege zu einer ästhetischen Anthropologie
(Trans 7)
Münster: Lit Verlag 2005
479 pp., Euro 39.90; ISBN 3-8258-9085-6

Aesthetic places and signs. Towards an aesthetic anthropology
This is an ’introduction´ to the aesthetic process as the object of an aesthetic anthropology, exemplified in numerous illustrations, photographs and paintings of people around the world. In this way Greverus wants to mediate the sensual perception of specimens of cultural aesthetics as a mediation of meaning, it is mediated through aesthetic places and signs. The author deals with classical modernity and surrealism and how they related to other kinds of aesthetics, shows artistic perception in other cultures, naive painting in various countries, relations between religious symbols, cultural heritage and social identity and commodification, the musealization of Maori and Aboriginal culture and art, but also German youth and their creative products and processes trying to escape the world of consumerism.

Keywords: aesthetic anthropology, intercultural aesthetics, meaning and aesthetics, art and cultures, globalization and aesthetics, consumerism