"On the move" - Die Globalisierungsdebatte in der Medizinethnologie
Curare 27.2004:41-60

##"On the move" - Debate on globalisation in medical anthropology
Although medical ideas and practices travel globally, only few studies in Medical Anthropology have actively used theories of globalization from the wider field of social science. This article summarizes current theories of glohalization and its critics to discuss the consequences for Medical Anthropology. It focuses on terms like "culture" and "place" to show. how the phenomenon of global connectedness requires a revision of anthropological key concepts. It outlines the relevance of these changes for Medical Anthropology and provides a selective review of articles and books which draw on theoretical key concepts from globalisation theories. Additionally it introduces a volume which the working group "Medical Anthropology" of the DGV (German Association of Ethnology) published recently. Research gaps are identified and the concept of "medicoscapes" is proposed to grasp the complexity of intertwined relations in medical research fields without neglecting the different actors involved in these processes.##

Keywords: globalization, biomedicine, medical tourism, medical pluralism, medicoscapes, migration, traditional medicine, telemedicine