Studentenbewegung, Literatur und die Entdeckung der Fremde. Zum ethnographischen Blick im Romanwerk Uwe Timms
(Mäander. Beiträge zur deutschen Literatur 6)
Frankfurt/M.: Lang Verlag 2005
264pp., Euro 45.50; ISBN 3-631-53689-5

Students´ movement. Literature and the discovery of the other. On the ethnographic gaze in the novels of Uwe Timm
In this book the depiction of cultures and peoples in literature is analyzed as a mirror of reflection and consciousness of society. This view is based in a kind of literature emerging from student protest and a postcolonial position focusing the ’reality´ of an ever globalizing world. In this literature, in these novels, the topic of ’foreign peoples´ is prominent. Kamya traces such descriptions in Timm´s work, discussing Timm´s European and non-European encounters ­ in cases of problematic encounters Timm argues for recognition of the other and between peoples, and stresses the enriching aspect of the exchange. Kamya includes other texts ­ of the cultures described but also secondary literature ­ to create a comprehensive picture of the Eurcentric discourse.

Keywords: eurocentrism, Timm, U., literature and ethnography, ethnography and literature, novels and ethnography