Ästhetische Inszenierungen in der Ethnographie. Bronislaw Malinowski im Spannungsfeld der Kulturen
(Europäische Hochschulschriften. Reihe XIX Volkskunde/Ethnologie. Abt. B Ethnologie 66)
Frankfurt/M.: Lang Verlag 2005
189 pp., Euro ##; ISBN 3-631-52987-2

Aesthetic stage-settings in ethnography. Bronislaw Malinowski between cultures
Kiepe discusses pictorial and textual authenticity in the representation of ethnographic research, the ’objective´ depiction of other cultures. Kiepe develops the problem of an ’objective depiction´ using Malinowski´s functionalist approach ­ considering and positioning it in the context of the writing culture debate. She gives an overview of the technical and historical development of photography and its importance in anthropology and deals with the question of whether photography can adequately represent other cultures. Using Malinowski´s monographs she shows various functions of ethnographic photography and asks in which way participant observation, stressed by Malinowski, becomes obvious/visible in his texts and pictures. Finally, the hermeneutic dilemma of aesthetic stage-setting and the representation of reality is discussed.

Keywords: Aesthetic stage-settings, ethnography and photography, photography and ethnography, Malinowski, B., ’objectivity´, writing culture and representation, representation and ’objectivity´, participant observation, functionalism, hermeneutics, performance and anthropology