Kulturelle Tatsachen
(Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Wissenschaft 1774)
Frankfurt/M.: Suhrkamp Verlag 2005
406 pp., Euro 14,-; ISBN 3-518-29374-5

Cultural facts
Reminding of the fait social total Konersmann discusses the fait culturel from a philosophical perspective, which hence includes the works of respective authors Vladimir Jankélévitch, Hans Blumenberg, Valéry, Walter Benjamin. The term fait is positivistically laden, but departing from this 19th century tradition, and relating to early cultural philosophers like Georg Simmel and Ernst Cassirer, Konersmann starts thinking about culture as something that manifests itself in detours, in the facts of what has been made by man. This analysis leads into the center of philosophical and the formation of concepts in the cultural sciences.

Keywords: cultural facts, faits culturels, Jankélévitch, V., Blumenberg H., Valéry, P., Benjamin, W., Cassirer, E., Simmel, G., fait social total