Professionelle Interviewführung in der Sozialforschung. Interviewtraining: Bedarf, Stand und Perspektiven. 2. Aufl.
(Reihe Sozialwissenschaften 21)
Herbolzheim: Centaurus Verlag 2003
203 pp., Euro 23.01; ISBN 3-8255-0015-2

Professional interviewing in social research. Interview training: Needs, state of the art, and perspectives. 2nd ed.
Maindok discusses professional interviewing in social research, that is the need for interviewing, state of the art, and perspectives. She further deals with this topic as depicted in textbooks, interviews in empirical social research (methodology, questionnaires, the interviewer), the narrative interview in qualitative research (cognitive dimensions, the interviewer, communicative strategies), and, as a case of techniques of conversation in neighboring disciplines she discusses C. Rogers's client-centered, nondirective interview method. In the discussion Maindok again deals with requirements for interviewers, learning goals and -contents for a course in interview training, and interview training as a process of learning.

Keywords: Keywords: interview training, qualitative research, questionnaires, interviewer, narrative interviews, Rogers, C., client-centered interview