Hegemonie und Kultur. Die Rolle kultureller soft-power in der US-Außenpolitik
(Europäische Hochschulschriften. Reihe XXXI Politikwissenschaft 513)
Frankfurt/M.: Lang Verlag 2005
248 pp., Euro 42.50; ISBN 3-631-53655-0

Hegemony and culture. The role of cultural soft-power in US foreign policy
Taking the notions of hegemony and culture as a guideline Metzinger analyzes the role of culture for the reception and acceptance of US-American foreign policy. The author´s major thesis is: American culture, having shaped the 20th century, serves in all its forms as a matrix for the advancement of the USA to become a global power. It is only through the ’soft power´ of culture that American dominance is safeguarded, and only this acceptance makes the dominance a hegemony, and the results of ’Public diplomacy´ has always been monitored by the US.

Keywords: US cultural diplomacy, public diplomacy, culture and US hegemony, hegemony, soft power, foreign policy (US)