Schamanismus, Techno und Cyberspace. Von "natürlichen" und "künstlichen" Paradiesen. Der Erinnerung and Timothy Leary und Terence Mc Kenna gewidmet
Solothurn: Nachtschatten Verlag 2001
62pp., Euro 6,-; ISBN 3-907080-60-2

Shamanism, Techno, and Cyberspace. Of "natural" and "artificial" paradise. Dedicated to the memory of Timothy Leary and Terence Mc Kenna
Rätsch discusses connections between traditional trance techniques such as shamanism and new phenomena like techno (fractal) music and cyberspace (W. Gibson, B. Sterling etc.), all of which, according to him, may induce trance states. He first describes techniques of altering consciousness in shamanism, then techno and rave trance methods, designer drugs and designer reality as well as Western traditional trance-inducing methods such as Gregorian music or ecstatic dance cults as a cultural model. Other topics are virtual medicine, virtual sex, and an epilogue discussing natural vs. artificial paradise.

Keywords: trance techniques, shamanism, Techno, fractal music, cyberspace, music and trance, trance techniques, virtual reality