Vorgemischte Welt
(Edition Suhrkamp 2391)
Frankfurt/M.: Suhrkamp Verlag 2005
232 pp., 1 CD, Euro 12,-; ISBN 3-518-12391-2

Pre-mixed world
This text consists of conversations of two media specialists a musician and a producer, on the cultural meanings of synthetic and digital, programmed music. Several other people participate who are known for their cultural analyses: Dietmar Dath, Matthew Herbert, F.X. Randomiz, Klaus Theweleit, and Oswald Wiener. The discussion starts from the premise that the battle of postmodernism is over. Those participating in the production, distribution, consumption, or interpretation of present music and culture seem to be in a situation in which they do not have to be clear about aesthetic criteria. Pre-produced, or pre-programmed parts and structures are everywhere easily available. The discussants try to trace these "presets" in the minds of people, including their own, and aim to build up new walls from the debris of modernity which to deconstruct again may be worthwile.

Keywords: music and postmodernism, postmodernism and music, modernity and postmodernism, deconstruction, aesthetics and postmodernism, presets and culture, culture of presets