Transnationaler Terrorismus. Charakter und Hintergründe des ‚neuen´ Terrorismus
(Edition Suhrkamp 2374)
Frankfurt/M.: Suhrkamp Verlag 2005
277 pp., Euro 11,-; ISBN 3-518-12374-2

Transnational terrorism. Character and background of the ‚new´ terrorism
Scheckener, being a political scientist, aims at analyzing these conflicts from a perspective of the social sciences and wants to present characteristics, structures, backgrounds and causes of transnational terrorism, to contribute to a better understanding of the phenomenon. The author sees transnational terrorism as a form of violence closely linked to intrasocietal and international configurations of conflicts and problems – which have to be analyzed in these contexts. Thus, terrorism is not an ‚alien´ thing but the result of political and social processes, and because of that there is no ‚automatism´, or invariable process of terrorism. Empirical or ethnographic research on terrorism is not easy, however (just as in the case of torture, for instance): direct observation and participation is not possible, so the book includes a discussion of method also. The book has chapters on foundations, characteristics, destructive potential, infrastructure, enhancing environments, and combatting.

Keywords: terrorism and culture, cultural aspects of terrorism, transnational terrorism.