IAlles nur Theater? Ein Blick auf die Hinterbühnen von Akademie und Projektpraxix

Entwicklungsethnologie 14.2005:85-96

##Only theatre? Facing the back stage of academic anthropology and development practice
The commentary discusses the theses of Diaby-Pentzlin. First her arguments are focused, then deliberated against the background of own experiences at the interface between science and development practice. I agree with Diaby-Pentzlin in the fact, that research on legal pluralism neglects to a great extent the needs of an often overstrained development practice. The question is: what is the reason for that? Picking up Goffman's metaphor of the stage, I push open the door to the anthropological back stage a little more. It will be shown, that it is not only "academic honour", as Pentzlin suggests, that hinders anthropologists from engaging more with development practice.##

Keywords: development and anthropology, anthropology and development, legal pluralism