Hugo Magnus im Zentrum der Farbendiskussion des 19. Jahrhunderts

Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 130.2005:293-316

##Hugo Magnus, key figure in the colour terms discussion of the 19th century
Starting from philological research on colour terms in ancient literature, the interest in colour perception and in colour naming became a cross-scientific subject in the second part of the 19th century. The international controversy involved famous scientists as Wiliam E. Gladsrone, La~arus Geiger, Grant Allen, Ernst Krause or Charles Darwin. But the most controversial person in this debate was Hugo Magnus who formulated crucial suggestions concerning the relation between the human capacity of perceiving different colours and the existing terrns of colours in the languages of the world. His ethnological inquiry on this problem contributed to solve a still current issue.##

Keywords: Magnus, H., color theory, terms of color, perception of colors