FeMale. Über Grenzverläufe zwischen den Geschlechtern
(Fischer Taschenbuch)
Frankfurt/M.: Fischer Verlag 2002
255 pp., price not known; ISBN 3-596-15716-1

FeMale. Courses of borders between the sexes
Schröter introduces gender crossing – from a historical, systematic and anthropological perspective - by analyzing female ‚husbands´ in Africa, Brazilian travestis, Indian Hijras, ambivalent gender in North America, homosexuals and transsexuals in Europe as ‚institutions of gender crossing´ - in order to inquire into binary gender concepts. Thus she deals with the women´s movement, feminism and the feminist subject, the constructionist turn, gender from antiquity to the modern era, multiple sexualities, the ‚anthropology of woman´, women in male roles, drag, transgender, lesbians, and Berlin and Paris as ‚radical places´ in the 1920s – locations of ‚freedom´ where the above movements could thrive.

Keywords: gender, sex roles, feminism, transsexualism, homosexuals, lesbians, women´s movement, Hijras, transvestism, ambivalent gender, gender crossing, drag