Die "Heilige Ordnung" der Männer. Hierarchie, Gruppendynamik und die neue Rolle der Frauen. 4. erweiterte Auflage
Wiesbaden: VS Verlag 2005
263 pp., Euro 29.90; ISBN 3-531-51732-5

The "sacred order" of men. Hierarchy, group dynamics, and the new role of women. 4th enl. Ed.
Schwarz starts with the present crisis of the patriarchal system which he defines as being hierarchical, while women would usually organize, or live "horizontally" organized, i.e. non-hierarchical. In the book he pleads for a revival of "groups", a form of communal living that has been successful in the early history of man. The book does not, however, qualitatively discuss such groups, or primordial loyalties, from an anthropological perspective. As a philosopher Schwarz deals with his topic in discussing the kinds of ’logic´ typical for male and female approaches to social living, which includes philosophical elaborations on logic. He discusses the group vs. the single person in relation to communication: that communication seems to be rhythmic: (increase, peak level, decline), which accounts for the emotional factor of communication, which is followed by norms and rules which comprise the ’standard´ of communication among human beings. The violation of these standards is described in various cases (death, sacrifice, authority, decisions, etc.). After this chapter of direct communication follows one on institutions (indirect communication) ­ and the way how hierarchy comes about, and its axioms are described. In the last section the generated ’sacred order´ (which has become immortal with the help of literacy/written memory) is portrayed: law, morals, nature, logic ­ as well as its universal character. A new chapter in this 4th edition is the one on "Women and hierarchy".

Keywords: sacred order of men, male hierarchy, hierarchy as male order, egalitarianism, horizontal organization, women and hierarchy, logic and order, communication and order, men and hierarchy, groups and hierarchy