Endstation Amerika? Sozialwissenschaftliche Innen- und Außenansichten
Wiesbaden: VS Verlag 2005
237 pp., Euro 24.90; ISBN 3-531-14676-9

Last exit America? Interior and exterior views of social science
This book is based on a series of lectures at the University of Duisburg in 2004. The 12 papers compare cultural differences between the USA and Germany: lifestyle, visions, social continuities etc. Thus, America's role in the world and European interests are discussed, the democratization of Germany through American military rule, American-German disagreements, differences of work and life, the American 'hire and fire' principle, social justice and inequality in the US, German and American policy in comparison, the two countries heading towards postindustrial society, religion in the two countries, higher education, and finally the global trend of McDonaldization - how this industrial principle of standardization increasingly determines other spheres of life also.

Keywords: Americanization, German and American culture, McDonaldization, culture in USA and Germany, politics in USA, economy in USA, hire and fire, inequality in USA, education in USA