"Was arbeiten eigentlich Medizinethnologinnen?" Herausforderungen im Spannungsfeld zwischen Forschung und Anwendung
Curare 27.2004:73-88

##"What do medical anthropologists actually do?" Challenges in the field of reseach and practice
Medical anthropology is often conceptualised as an applied social science. Nevertheless theory and practice are frequently experienced as antagonistic. While the practice of anthropology in health-related settings requires multidisciplinary skills, boundaries are reinforced within the area of applied or practicing medical anthropology. Giving a short overview of the history of Applied Medical Anthlopology in the United States, we will look at the development of the discipline in Germany. Based on a small-scale survey carried out with the members of our workgroup, we intend to examine the areas of activity of medical anthropologists. Going in more detail into the field of International Health, applied research and practicing medical anthropology, we will discuss dilemmas challenging when applying medical anthropology to practice. We aim to stress the importance of providing students with practical anthropological skills and perspectives to be used to solve problems and to demand better networking between research and practice.##

Keywords: applied medical anthropology, non-academic jobs, soft skills, medical anthropology