"En ville, chacun est dans son chacun" Une étude anthropologique sur l´importance des relations sociales en cas de maladie à Abidjan (Côte d´Ivoire)
Bern: Lang Verlag 2005
406 pp., Euro 60.70; ISBN 3-03910-826-3

"In the city everyone is on his own" An anthropological study of the importance of social relations in cases of sickness in Abidjan (Côte d´Ivoire)
This book analyzes the importance of social relations in the case of illness in urban environments ­ in Niangon Sud, an ethnically and socio-economically heterogeneous part of Abidjan. Bossart researches public health institutions and their use by the population, the role of social networks in illness management, expectations directed at the various actors in these networks, and the help received by the patients. Bossart includes the variables of ’age´, ’kind´, and socio-economic level as well as the influence of the type of illness (chronic, or mental disease, Aids) on the help administered. The description of cases has shown serious consequences - that the illness and/or the lack of help can cause and show how social relations can not only offer support but may also have negative impact on individuals.

Keywords:social relations and illness, illness and social relations, public health, health care in Abidjan, medical anthropology