6068 -- ECKL, ANDREAS E.

"S´ist ein übles land hier" Zur Historiographie eines umstrittenen Kolonialkrieges. Tagebuchaufzeichnungen aus dem Herero-Krieg in Deutsch-Südwestafrika 1904 von Georg Hillebrecht und Franz Ritter von Epp
(History, cultural traditions and innovations in Southern Africa 22)
Köln: Köppe Verlag 2005
302 pp., 1 map, Euro 34.80; ISBN 3-89645-361-0

"This is a bad country" On the historiography of a controversial colonial war. Diary notes of the Herero War in German Southwest Africa in 1904 by Georg Hillebrecht and Franz Ritter von Epp
This is an edition of the diary notes of Hillebrecht of 1904/05, physician in the German troops, and of the officer Franz Epp, which shed light on the Herero war. Eckl adds a chapter on the historiography (ca. 50 pages) including a discussion of the source texts, tendentious trends in academic historiography of this war, and a pleading for a broader view including more source material. The two diaries were chosen as sources because they were íreal-time´, first-hand accounts, and because the diaries start before the fights at the Waterberg and Hamakiri of August 11, 1904. Thus, the question can be tackled of how the role of the troops after the Hamakari events differed ≠ whether the perspective of the soldiers on colonial war, their self-image, had changed.

Keywords: colonialism, war and colonialism, Herero War, German colonialism