6069 -- FISCH, MARIA

The Mbukushu in Angola (1730-2002). A history of migration, flight and royal rainmaking
(History, cultural traditions and innovations in Southern Africa 11)
Köln: Köppe Verlag 2005
99 pp., Euro 12.80; ISBN 3-89645-350-5

Using literature and archival sources Fisch relates events in a ’close distance´ style focusing on the action of individual people (e.g., Mukoyankuru, Kutenda I and II, Fumu Mukoya, Mbambangandu-Ngumbwa, Fumu Mbamba, Fumu Mahongo) involved in the migration process and conflict. This especially involves a conflict erupting around 1750 between the Copper and Lions Clans over the possession of the rain charm ­ and politics connected with it. Fisch describes interaction regarding this magic, control over territory, processes of rule, fighting, and the post-independence civil war.

Keywords: civil war (Angola), rain charm, charms, magic and politics, politics and magic