Fremde und Fremdheit in afrikanischen Gesellschaften: ein Vergleich von mbuti, Dogon, Dyula und dem städtischen Senegal
Afrika Spectrum 40.2005:241-266

Foreigners and foreignness in in African societies: a comparison of mbuti, Dogon, Dyula and urban Senegal
##The treatment and reception of foreigners and of foreignness may be highly diverse. lt relies on generally accepted interpretive patterns of what and who is to be foreign as well as on everyday practice. A comparison of four African societies and societal milieus respectively shows that by such practice, foreigners are often integrated into daily work. They thus learn about the importance of the basics of life in the other society. What limits such integration may have become apparent when comparing it to a modern societal milieu.##

Keywords: foreigners, integration, segregation, social status, societal practice, Mbuti, Dogon, Dioula, Dyula, urban population