Ermittlung der Gesundheitsbedürfnisse von pastoralnomadischen FulBe im Tschad als Grundlage für Essential Health Packages

Curare 26.2003:19-36

##Assessment of health care demands of pastoral nomadic Fulbe: The relevance of this action for designing essential health packages
Assessing the health status of a community is essential for planning health care and for evaluating its effectiveness. Different measures can be applied to assess. Most commonly, biomedical data ate collected which provide an extensive and sound information basis. But, only a part of the necessary information can be obtained hy the biomedical approach. The study based on one year of field research among pastoral Fulbe nomads in Chad, applies an approach for the assessment of health care demands which centres on the perception and evaluation of illnesses in the view of the pastoralists. Using this approach, health complaints were discovered that had not been noticed by public health services: dankanoma helminth/trichuliasis infection/haemorrhoids) and memri/peowri (rheumatic diseases) were found to be of high significance. In this sense, the paper analyses methodological considerations too.##

Keywords: Fulbe, illness perception, public health, research rnethods, medical anthropology, nomads, essential health package