Medizinethnologische Forschung in Sub-Sahara Afrika - Ein Überblick
Curare 27.2004:89-99

##Medical anthropology in Sub-Saharan Africa - An overview
Research in Medical Anthropology on African medical systems has changed in the last century due not only to transformations of African societies, but also to the modification of the scientific landscape. In this article, the development of research in Medical Anthropology in Africa is briefly outlined, followed by a presentation of current focuses of members of the working group Medical Anfhropology. Presently two seemingly contradictory tendencies can be found in medical anthropology on Africa. While on the one hand global influences on medical landscapes of Africa are increasingly acknowledged current anthropological research on the other hand focuses more on local actors´ search for health care and their individual decision making. This seeming paradox can be explained by the fact that the analysis of different global influences on a specific local context makes the local heterogeneity evident and requires a differentiated view on the health practices of individuals.##

Keywords: medical anthropology, history of science, medical pluralism, globalization, HIV, AIDS, technology transfer