Im Schatten der Apartheid. Frauen-Rechtsorganisationen und geschlechtsspezifische Gewalt in Südafrika
(African connections in post-colonial theory and literatures 3)
Münster: Lit Verlag 2005
480 pp., Euro 29.9.0; ISBN 3-8258-8676-x

In the shadow of Apartheitd. Women´s rights organizations and gender-specific violence in South Africa
The perspective of the book is that South African women´s rights organizations fought against the Apartheid system and in this era subordinated special problems relating to women. After political change in 1994 they demanded special women´s rights in the constitution and cooperated with the ANC government to lessen violence against women (rape and violence in at home). Schäfer analyzes if and how women´s rights organizations contribute to societal change in South Africa. Thus, the historical background and cultural legitimations of forms of violence (colonial rule and gender hierarchies; exploitation during industrialization and capitalism; racist and sexist discrimination during Apartheid; resistence against Apartheid, political violence and sexual torture) are described, and the work of women´s rights organizations is portrayed.

Keywords: gender in South Africa, Apartheid and women, women´s rights organizations, violence and gender (South Africa), culture and violence, legitimation of violence