Ist Projektrecht ein Erfüllungsgehilfe von Organisationen der Entwicklungshilfe? Eine Fallstudie aus Burundi
Entwicklungsethnologie 14.2005:129-148

##Is project law a power instrument of development agencies? A case study from Burundi
Particularly in Sub-Saharan-Africa, development agencies are front-runners of the globalisation process. When they have to design and implement their development projects, they refer largely to standardized planning concepts, management techniques or general models as well as to national and international laws. These normative orders, called "project law", have a considerable impact on the social and economic life in developing countries. On the basis of a case-study from Burundi, the article investigates the working of project law in the interplay of international and national NGOs who have to implement - under the title "crisis prevention" - a gender project there. The analysis discerns two principal chains of translation, to which the project personnel refers in its daily project work. The article asks, what kind of manipulations these chains of translation contain, how they interfere with Burundi´s social context and how they are shaped by project law.##

Keywords: development and culture, project law, law and development, gender projects