6093 -- BRAUER, KAI

Bowling together. Clan, Clique, community und die Strukturprinzipien des Sozialkapitals

Wiesbaden: VS Verlag 2005
339 pp., Euro 39.90; ISBN 3-531-14307-7

Bowling together. Clan, Clique, community and principles of structure of social capital
Brauer focuses on one major question of the debate on social capital: How is commitment as a citizen possible under the influence of individualization and economic crisis? For this purpose the author presents an ethnographic community study of Clanton, Iowa, showing a successful case of civil commitment. Results show that those clans and cliques putting their stamp on this community are not subjected to traditional ’ligatures´ but are themselves active as parts of the process of indivdualization. Brauer introduces the subject of ’community studies´, explains methodology, history, and the family history (clans) and the community sociological approach (cliques), followed by a case reconstruction of a farmer. A last and theoretical chapter discusses social capital and structures of civilian commitment. The latter he discusses in the framework of ’networks´ ­ that bind and attract people. On the basis of his empirical work the author narrows these network factors down to four: heterogeneity, optionality, status potential, and transparency.

Keywords: citizenry, commitment in communities, clans in communities, social capital, cliques, networks and community, capital (social), civilian commitment