Mexican and Central American L.A. garment workers. Globalized industries and their economic constraints
(Soziologie und Anthropologie 1)
Münster: Lit Verlag 2005
153 pp., Euro 19.90; ISBN 3-8258-8397-3

##Studying the urban agglomeration of Los Angeles County, CA is on the one hand very interesting, exiting, as there is such a wide variety of people living there. This is not only concerning ethnic origins but also in view of social classes (haves and have nots), sub-cultures, ‚Lebenswelten´ and milieus. On the other hand, studying L.A. empirically, i.e. living, working and more than anything else talking to people while observing them, gives an insight into how a society so full of discrepancies works and operates.... Undocumented migration to the USA and the US-American textile and garment industry are examples that demonstrate well the interconnectedness of international economic interests, policy-making and migration flows.##

Keywords: garment workers, Los Angeles garment workers, sub-cultures, life worlds, textile workers, economy and migration, migration (USA)