Tiyospaye. Politische Gruppen der Plains-Indianer in der Vor-Reservationszeit
Wyk: Verlag für Amerikanistik 2005
139 pp., Euro 21,-; ISBN 3-89510-105-2

Tiyospaye. Political groups of the Plains Indians in the pre-reservation era
Linnertz describes Indian peoples as political institutions communicating with neighboring tribes, friends, enemies, and white colonists. She describes the political structures of Plains Indians as very different from ’occidental culture´. This, according to the author, is the reason why they were frequently misunderstood by early travellers and later agents of white governments. For her puspose she first portrays Plains Indians according to their languages, the Sioux language group (Assiniboine, Teton tribes, Crow), the Algonkin group (Arapaho, Gros Ventre, Blackfoot, Cheyenne), and the Uto-Aztec group (Comanches, Kiowa, Plains Apaches).. This is followed by development and structures of Plains Indians´ political groups in general, and then according to language families (like local groups, fraternities, tribal organization, hierarchies, The appendix has tables showing these distinctions at a glance.

Keywords: Plains Indians´ political organization, political organization of Plains Indians, Indians (American)