FE/male drums. Genusdiskurse am Beispiel von Trommeln in Havanna. Eine musikanthropologische Geschlechterstudie der Perkussion
(Europäische Hochschulschriften. Reihe XIX Volkskunde/Ethnologie. Abt. B Ethnologie 69)
Frankfurt/M.: Lang Verlag 2005
187 pp., Euro 39,-; ISBN 3-631-53558-9

FE/male drums. Gender discourses in the case of Havana drums. A gender-related study of percussion in ethnomusicology
This book deals with the discoursive construction of gender and national identity in the context of Cuban percussion, music, and religiosity. From the perspective of gender research ethno-historical, social and religious relationships of numerous cultural contacts are analyzed. Based on participant observation and fieldwork in Havana Mennel shows the dynamism emerging from the dialog of emic and etic perspectives, a dynamism between perception of self and other showing gender-specific practice, topologies and metaphors by sonorities, rhythms and membranophones such as Conga, Bongo, and Bata. The chapters comprise music and cultural identity, traditions and drums in Havana, The Batá in religious context, present trends.

Keywords: gender discourses, drums of Havana, music of Havana, percussion, conga, bongo, batá