Auf den Spuren der Götter. Peyote (Lophophora williamsii) und die Ethnien Nordwestamerikas unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Zeremonialzyklus der Huichol-Indianer

Solothurn: Nachtschatten-Verlag [2004]
316 pp., Euro 36,-; ISBN 3-03788-113-5

Following the footsteps of gods. Peyote and the ethnic groups of Northwest America, with special emphasis on the ceremonial cycle of the Huichol Indians
Historical and pre-historical origins and the present situation of the Sierra cultures are discussed, presenting a comprehensive ethnographic time-space image of this region this pertains especially to architectural and artifact findings of the prehistoric era. The historical part deals with recognizable differences of Sierra inhabitants, including data of colonial and clerical documents. The next chapter describes ceremonialism and worldview (cosmovision) of the Huixárítari, and the ceremonial context of the so-called Peyote ritual cycle, based on observation. The next part describes healing rituals and healers, followed by botanical and ethno-pharmacological information including ritual, description, preparation, indication, illnesses and healing (besides Lophophora williamsii there are: Datura stramonium L., Solandra maxima, Arcostaphylos pungens, Berberis trifoliata, Loeselia mexicana, Prochnyanthes mexicana, Zea maya L. Amphyterigium adstringens). The final chapter discusses the importance of psychoactive plants for cultural habitus.

Keywords: Huichol ceremonialism, ceremonies of Huichol, peyote, hallucinogenic drugs, Indians (American), Huixárítari, rituals of peyote