Minnesota-Aufstand. Der große Sioux-Krieg von 1862. Aus d. Engl. Übers. v. Dietmar Kuegler
Wyk: Verlag für Amerikanistik 2005
200 pp., Euro 24,-; ISBN 3-89510-104-4

Minnesota uprising. The great Sioux War of 1862. Transl. By Dietmar Kuegler
Winkler describes this uprising as the ‚possibly biggest Indian war west of the Mississippi with many losses´ – about 600-800 lives. As causes he names wrong promises treaties broken, etc., which caused hunger and misery in the reservations. The Indians therefore raided the storehouses and brutally attacked and killed innocent settlers. After a few days Central Minnesota was burning; the war lasted five weeks. Later military sanctions included the hanging of 38 Sioux. The book is a detailed description of the events: Sioux in relation the settlers, attack of the Lower Agency, the battle of Redwood, the raiding at the Beaver Creek, the Upper Agency raid, fights at Fort Ridgely, New Ulm, Birch Coulee, Wood Lake, the court procedures and sentences, the executions, and the death of Little Crow.

Keywords: Sioux War 1862, Minnesota uprising, Indians (American)