6108 -- BASU, HELENE

Geister und Sufis: Translokale Konstellationen des Islam in der Welt des Indischen Ozeans

Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 130.2005:169-193

##Spirits and sufis: translocal constellations of Islam in the world of the Indian Ocean
In this paper, relationships between spirit possession and Sufi-lslam are analysed in two settings of the Indian Ocean region. Zanzibar and Gujarat were historically connected by slave-trade. Along with the forced or voluntary migration of African slaves travelled cosmological ideas and ritual practices. As Islam has been identified by historians as the most significant unifying feature in the region, this paper looks at its dispersal from below, i.e. through the agency of displaced Africans. From this perspective, specific constellations of spirits and Sufis come into view in both sites that provide clues in regard to local processes of integration of African people and worldviews in terms of hierarchical assimilations into a heterogeneously constituted Islamic community.##

Keywords: Sufism, spirit possession, slave trade, Islam, displaced Africans, possession