Medizinethnologische Forschungen in Südostasien und Ozeanien
Curare 27.2004:139-158

##Medical anthropology research in Southeast Asia and Oceania
This joint article on two world regions consists of three topics each: In the first part the authors present their own current research in Medical Anthropology on old-age and ageing in urban North Sulawesi (Peter van Eeuwijk) and on a neuro-degenerative disease with the Chamorro on Guam (Verena Keck). Subsequently, the authors give an overview on germanophone Medical Anthropology work in Southeast Asia and Oceania in which we may recognize a time-related change of the contents that is a gradual shift away from classical local studies in ethnomedicine towards Medical Anthropology research of current complex and global health-related transformations. The third part deals with important key issues in the international Medical Anthropology discourse against the background of current health disorders in these two regions, for instance the rapid change of lifestyle, the fast proceeding urbanisation and the very wide variety of medical pluralism.##

Keywords: health transition, medical pluralism, diseases of modernization, modernization diseases, change of lifestyle, ageing, neurodegenerative disease