Das primary health care-Konzept. Anmerkungen zu einem universellen wie visionären Konzept - 25 Jahre nach der Deklaration von Alma Ata

Curare 26.2003:9-16

##The primary health care concept. Notes on a universal as well as visionary concept - 25 years after the declaration of Alma Ata
Twenty-five years ago the basis for the first "global health policy" was laid with the concept of Primary Health Care (PHC) and the declaration of Alma Ata (Kazachstan). After the internationalisation of the fight against the epidemic plague at the beginning of the decade, WHO adopted the conceptualised mandate of health policy. The original text is, even from a modern point of view, one of high actuality in relationship to the defined problems and the recommended resolution proposals (WHO/UNICEF, 1978). Under the term "Primary Health Care", there was an attempt to implement a capacious health concept in an expanded academic action program to achieve healthy living conditions for all people on the planet and to ensure humane maintenance. Primary Health Care has been the worldwide concept tor the resolution of the world health problem and the problem of basic medical maintenance of the entire population since the Alma Ata conference in 1978: PHC as the key to individual and collective sustainment of health, as a health orientated development strategy as well as the reform process of health services.##

Keywords: primary health care, health care, medical anthropology, WHO, UNICEF