Transnationale Subjekte zwischen Deutschland und Philippinen. Ethnologische Perspektiven am Beispiel philippinischer Heiratsmigration
Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 130.2005:273-292

##Transnational subjects between Germany and the Philippines: Anthropological perspectives on marriage migration
The phenomenon of international and intercultural marriage migration has gained increasing importance in the last decades. The matching up of mostly western men with women from Asia (also from Eastern Europe and Latin America) serves as an example of globalisation from below. In these relationships manifold dynamics of the global and the local, of political economy and the cultural logic of gender, of family and work, and of power and emotion are deeply interwoven. My paper will focus on one case study of a Filipina marriage migrant in order to illustrate the intersections and multiplicity of roles as wife, worker, mother, daughter and citizen in a transnational migratory space. The presentation draws upon long-term and multi-sited ethnographic immersion both in Germany and in the Philippines and describes and analyses the networking of Filipina migrants between their "old" homeland (the Philippines) and their "new" home (Germany). Attentive to structural, cultural, social-familial and personal factors, I question the commonly assumed dichotomies between structure and agency and between global and local levels of analysis. With that I also argue that sensitive ethnography allows insights into the complex motivations and experiences of the people behind the srereotypes that are used to describe the practices of transnational marriages.##

Keywords: globalization from below, transmigration, cross-border marriages, transnational families, translocal ethnography, Filipina marriage, marriage