Matrilinearität, Modernität und Mobilität. Migration von Frauen bei den Minangkabau

Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 130.2005:245-271

##Matrilinearity, modernity and mobility. Female migration among the Minangkabau
This article deals with the causes and the patterns of female migration among the largest matrilineal society of the world, the Minangkabau. Since migration in Minangkabau society has been exclusively associated with males until the 1970s, I explore the structural and historical conditions under which a female migration could develop. Examples of empirical data from my own field research confirm my thesis, that merantau Indonesian: migration) today is a widespread practice among Minangkabau women. I will illustrate how women use the possibility to migrate to realize and develop ideas of how they would like to live in a modern world. By doing this they combine "traditional" values with Islamic, state promoted and "modern" values.##

Keywords: matrilinearity, migration, gender, social change, Minangkabau, Islam, values, modernity