6133 -- BISANZ, ELIZE (Ed.)

Diskursive Kulturwissenschaft. Analytische Zugänge zu symbolischen Formationen der pOst-Westlichen Identität in Deutschland
(Methoden der Kulturwissenschaft 2)
Münster: Lit Verlag 2005
212 pp., Euro 19.90; ISBN 3-8258-8762-6

Discoursive culturology. Analytical approaches to symbolic formations of post-East-Western identity in Germany
Discoursive culturology means the interdisciplinary analysis of cultural production and culture as the stage of structures of meaning produced by codifications such as literature, painting, architecture, economy, the public, etc. So, the focus of attention is present German culture after 1989 common German identity at the threshold of a general European cultural space.

Keywords: discoursive culturology, culturology, Leipzig School, architecture and society, national myths, Techno, nostalgia, objective recollection, recollection, identity, Godard, J.-L.