Karriere! Kinder, Küche? Zur Reproduktionsarbeit in Familien mit qualifizierten berufsorientierten Müttern

Wiesbaden: VS Verlag 2005
444 pp., Euro 44.90; ISBN 3-531-14743-9

Career! children, kitchen? On the reproductive work in families with educated, profession-oriented mothers
This qualitative study shows in detail and in everyday settings how in families with highly educated women their professional career and raising children are combined from family planning to the point when grown-up children leave the house of the parents. Using three case studies various scenarios of compatibility are documented (four phases: becoming parents, infants, school, youths). First, Dierks gives a historical overview and changes of ൺ years of reproductive work in Germany" and then discusses reproduction work between necessity, personal lifestyle, and societal norm. Then there are three detailed case studies of women in this process, and the last, detailed chapter analyzes professional success and motherhood. She found that educational requirements parents educating, or socializing children have become much more elaborate (from an order of dictates to an order of negotiation), that youths need counseling for planning their careers much more than in former years, that combining children and career is only possible by delegating the child-related everyday work, etc.

Keywords: children and career, career and children, women and career, profession and family, family and career