Im Osten nichts Neues? Eine pragmalinguistisch-semiotische Analyse ausgewählter Werbeanziegen für Ostprodukte im Zeitraum 1993 bis 199
(Kulturwissenschaftliche Werbeforschung 1)
Frankfurt/M.: Lang Verlag 1999
295 pp., Euro 52,-; ISBN 3-631-34048-6

TA pragmalinguistic-semiotic analysis of select advertisements for East German products between 1993 and 1998
Hennecke analyzes advertisement communication for East German products in print media inquiring whether there are differences of socialization in East and West Germany implying differing values and norms, and whether these can be traced in advertisement communication. The proof of cultural determinants in advertisement texts requries an integrative model of text analysis that goes beyond narrowly confined linguistic categories and which includes other concepts such as semiotics, pragmatics, and sociology. Empirical case studies showed specific strategies of textualization based on distinct feelings and values of East German origin. After introducing theoretical approaches for advertisement analysis and the presentation of the culture-related pragmalinguistic approach Hennecke analyzes advertisements for two brands of cigarettes, a cheese product, a detergent, and two beer brands.

Keywords: advertisements and culture, culture in advertisements, values in advertisements, pragmalinguistics