Das Leben ist keine Himbeere. Perspektiven Jugendlicher in Kaliningrad
(TRANS anthropologische texte 3)
Münster: Lit Verlag 2005
318 pp., Euro 29.90; ISBN 3-8258-8353-1

Life isn´t a raspberry. Perspectives of young people in Kaliningrad
Salein traces the everyday life of young people in Kaliningrad, which is geographically not far from Germany, but the cultural distance seems to be great. The aim is to find out about life in a Russian city some time after the Soviet era, perspectives, hopes, and opportunities of young people. So the frame is a time-space continuum in which actors act. Salein relates her impressions, starting from a short description of the setting, then first encounters, narratives of the old German city (Köningsberg) as well as the new, Russian one (Kaliningrad), that is Prussian and Soviet representations, and she discovers different, encapsulated lifewords. Salein portrays everyday life of youth in the city their hopes, fears, and perspectives.

Keywords: Kaliningrad impressions, lifewords of Kaliningrad, youth in Kaliningrad