Stadt ohne Eigenschaften. Frankfurt. Einsichten von außen
Kulturanthropologie-Notizen 75)

399 pp., Euro 22,-; ISBN 3-923992-77-7

Featureless city. Frankfurt. Insight from outside
The fifteen papers in this volume discuss specific traits of Frankfurt, Germany: her being from other cities; how Frankfurt stimulates a regional consciousness; the local character of Frankfurt inhabitants; what the city stands for in the world; the city in TV detective films, and in detective stories; how the vicinity sees Frankfurt; changes and people of the city, and portraits of individuals. The stress, or focus, is not on how Frankfurters see themselves ≠ but how the city is seen by others, and what kinds of feelings the Frankfurt evokes, why this city is not íloved´ but instead inspires írespect´ To find out about these questions the authors concentrate on emotional reactions in life histories of people living outside of Frankfurt.

Keywords: Frankfurt seen by others, image of Frankfurt, inhabitants of Frankfurt