6147 -- SÖKEFELD, MARTIN (Ed.)

Jenseits des Paradigmas kultureller Differenz. Neue Perspektiven auf Einwanderer aus der Türkei

Bielefeld: transcript Verlag 2004
182 pp., Euro 24.80; ISBN 3-89942-229-5

Beyond the paradigm of cultural difference. New perspectives on immigrants from Turkey
The papers result from a series of lectures at the University of Hamburg in 2002. Despite a consensus established in recent years that Germany is an immigration country the attitude towards migrants has remained the old one ≠ they are regarded as foreigners and outsiders (based on the paradim of ícultural difference´). This debate, however, blocks a view of the migrants´ lifeworld and everyday life being similar to, or even identical with#, the life of other people. The contributions call the otherness concept into question by analyzing respective discourses in various spheres of life.

Keywords: Turkish migrants in Germany, migrants in Germany, difference (cultural), cultural difference paradigm, paradigm of cultural difference, Muslim identity, Hürriyet newspaper, Anatolian Swabians, Kanak Attak!, HipHop, hybridity