6150 -- WELZ, GISELA et al. (Eds.)

Gesunde Ansichten. Wissensaneignung medizinischer Laien
(Kulturanthropologie-Notizen 74)
Frankfurt/M.: Institut für Kulturanthropologie und Europäische Ethnologie der Universität Frankfurt 2005
253 pp., Euro 18,-; ISBN 3-923992-76-9

Healthy/sound views: Lay people gaining medical knowledge
Experts of public health in Germany demand that patients be informed and knowledgeable, and thus more responsible - in cases of illness they should acquire knowledge in order to actively participate in the healing process and to be able to meaningfully communicate with health specialists. So the 12 papers of this book survey specifics of such processes: how people search for information and gain knowledge (e.g., the fear of being mentally ´contaminated´, a preparatory course for pregnant women); changing treatment (doctor-patient relationships, time management in a hospital, long-term patients and their doctors); self-help, coping, and knowledge management (young active Parkinson patients, illness management and everyday life of SLE patients, life expectancy of cystic fibrosis patients); preventive behavior and body modeling (diets for losing weight, fitness culture in Seattle, ´dental awareness´ in Germany and Ireland).

Keywords: medical anthropology, illness and patients, patients and illness, prevention, public health, health and patients, Parkinson disease, SLE patients, fitness culture, dental awareness, doctor-patient relationship